Because Moms Worry

Dear Grandma Hale and Grandma Parker,

We wanted to let you know that we arrived safely in Istanbul. The Turks greeted us warmly upon our arrival.

We arrived at our new apartment safe and sound.

And discovered that our complex has an amazing view of the Bosporus.

Yes, the Turks are feeding us well.

And yes, we’re eating our produce.

Your granddaughter has started school.

And like a good Mormon girl, she’s enrolled in seminary.

And she seems to be thriving in her new environment.

So you can rest assured that your children are doing well in Turkey. And just in case you’re wondering, THIS PLACE IS COMPLETELY AWESOME AND WE CAN’T BELIEVE WE GET TO LIVE HERE!!!

Love always,

Jason, Erin, and Ellie




Goodbye South Africa

Tomorrow I leave South Africa.  It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to this amazing country.  It has been such a privilege to have spent three years of my life in Africa.  A portion of my heart will remain behind when I board the plane tomorrow.

Thank you, South Africa, for your kindness, hospitality and beauty.  You will be dearly missed.

Photo credit: Amy Bennett

Here, There & Everywhere 2018

We have a crazy summer ahead of us.  So far, this is how it’s shaping up:

We’ll start the summer here (though it’s actually winter here):

Pretoria, South Africa

On July 1, Ellie and I will fly here:

London, England

A week later, we will meet Jason and together we will fly here:

Washington, DC

After another week, the three of us will head here:

New York City

One week later, the three of us will fly here:

Salt Lake City, Utah

Using Utah as our home base, we’ll take a short trip for Cecily’s university graduation here:

Rexburg, Idaho

And a short trip for Noah’s graduation from Basic Training here:

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

And I will spend a couple of days at a work conference here:

Boise, Idaho

In late August, after many hugs and a few tears, Jason, Ellie and I will head here:

Amsterdam, Holland

After which we will finally arrive at our new home here:

Istanbul, Turkey