The Great Botswanan Road Trip

During the Christmas break our two college-age kids came back to South Africa for the last time.  I wanted to do a epic trip with the entire family and since I’m the one who plans the trips I chose an epic overland trip around Botswana, one of my favorite countries.  Our trip lasted 12 days and we shot a lot of video.  I decided to break up the trip video into smaller segments.  This video is of our first day driving from Pretoria to Khama Rhino Sanctuary in Botswana.

Care to Guess?

Tomorrow is the big day!  Handshakes go out and we will know our next post.  Actually, we’re 99% sure what it’s going to be, but we have to wait until tomorrow for the big reveal.

Three hints:

  1. It’s in the Northern Hemisphere; no more summer/winter mixups.
  2. It was our first choice of the possibilities presented on our bid list; and there were some really awesome possibilities on our bid list.
  3. It’s somewhere on here: