Happy Birthday to the Low Maintenance One

This is Noah.  He turned 16 today. Noah’s entrance into this world was accompanied by the screams of his mother.  He was born 50 minutes after his mother’s first contraction and 15 minutes after she arrived at the hospital.  No time for the epidural. It was not my greatest moment. Noah didn’t see any needContinue reading “Happy Birthday to the Low Maintenance One”

Going to Be with my Baby Girl

In less than an hour, I’m heading to the airport in Johannesburg to fly to Salt Lake City.  Jason booked my ticket about 8 hours ago.  I’m flying to the US to be with my 19 year-old daughter who is having surgery on Wednesday.  Don’t worry, it’s not too serious.  She’s having oral surgery onContinue reading “Going to Be with my Baby Girl”

Four Adjectives and a Noun

I like words.  One of my favorite types of words is adjectives.  As a result, I have assigned an adjective to each foreign country in which I’ve lived. To Italy, I have assigned the adjective beautiful.  Italy is a country of beauty, and Italians are a people who understand beauty.  They use beauty in everyContinue reading “Four Adjectives and a Noun”


I begin this post by saying that there are two things in this world that I despise:  snakes and rats.  Really, that’s it–that’s all that I despise.  Just one step above despise, in the loathing category, I would have to put cigarettes, cigarette smoke, cigarette butts, cigarette packaging, ashtrays, cigarette induced emphysema and lung cancer–prettyContinue reading “Rats!!!”